Notes for making acrylic crafts

Acrylic processing is various acrylic form one of the most key link, in the key link in our operating worker plays an important reuse, a plain piece of yakeli board in their hands while decayed for magical?What about the attention skills?

1, without add hard processing acrylic plate surface is easy to be scratched during processing, such as through polishing scratches can restore the original luster surface (including fire, cloth wheel, diamond behind, etc.) with mild erase such as scratch may also use a glass of water;

2. The heat resistance of ordinary acrylic sheets is not high, and the heat deformation temperature is about 100 degrees, so the temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees.

3. The expansion coefficient of acrylic sheets will exist due to the difference in the production process, so the gap should be reserved in the installation process.

4. Acrylic sheets without anti-static treatment are easy to generate static electricity and absorb dust in the production process.This kind of situation can be wiped with soft cotton cloth dipped in 1% soapy water;

Acrylic is easy to be carved and processed, so it is easier to produce deformation. In order to get the desired shape, it is necessary to consider how to avoid deformation of acrylic products:

1. Shrinkage and expansion clearance shall be reserved for the installation frame;

2. Oval screw holes should be drilled to lock with screws;

3. Choose elastic rubber gasket;

4. Thermal forming can improve the impact strength and release the internal stress;

5. Wave-shaped, diamond-shaped and semi-circular thermoforming can prevent deformation of acrylic sheets due to self-weight sag;

6. Select appropriate thickness to avoid bending and deformation of acrylic sheets due to wind load;

7. When using large acrylic sheets, the thickness should be increased to prevent the sheets from sagging and deformation due to their own weight.