The differences between acrylic and PVC

Acrylic sheet and PVC material is common in our life daily life plastic, can be used as a conventional materials are used in many fields, many people feel that the basic acrylic and PVC material is same, actually otherwise, still have very big distinction, these two kinds of material and using field of industry and also to have certain requirements.

I. acrylic

Acrylic, also known as organic glass, chemical terms for the polymethyl methacrylate, English abbreviation for PMMA.As common for processing the thermal plasticity of material in plastic, are widely used in the colourful hood, door cover, wind cap, glass machinery enclosures, doors and Windows, decoration, advertising materials, handicrafts, shower equipment and kitchen utensils, etc.

Some of the acrylic materials have high light transmittance, excellent weather resistance, can accept high temperature and strong solar radiation, solvent resistance and common chemicals;The disadvantage of acrylic is that it has poor impact resistance and is seldom used in some more precise industries. However, the improved acrylic board can meet the requirement of anti-impact performance on most occasions.

Second, the PVC

PVC thermoforming materials belong to honors and can replace part of stainless steel and other corrosion resistance composite material, is widely used in chemical, electroplating, oil water purification treatment equipment, environmental equipment, mining, pharmaceutical, electronics, communication, and decoration field.PVC with excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, uv protection, fire retardant, insulation performance is reliable, the surface is bright and clean level off, not bibulous, not deformation, easy processing, etc.

Iii. The difference between acrylic and PVC

1. Color: the stability of PVC board is poor, and it is easy to be decomposed during processing. Generally, the base color of PVC board will be yellow compared with the same color of acrylic.

2. Density: the density of PVC transparent board is 1.38g/cm3, and that of acrylic board is 1.1g/cm3.Same size, PVC sheet is a little heavy.

3. Sound: with two boards of the same size, gently fall on the floor or hit with the hand, the voice crisp is acrylic.The boring one is PVC.

4. Burning smell: when the acrylic burns, the flame is yellow with alcohol and no smoke.And PVC board burns when the flame is green, has the smell of hydrochloric acid, smoke white.

5. Price: compared with the price of acrylic, PVC is cheaper.

Laser cutting of acrylic and PVC plates is a very common method, high precision and fast processing.