Methods for identifying the quality of acrylic sheets

Transmission identification

After good acrylic sheet is irradiated with white light, the light that gives through is very pure, did not pan yellow or hair blue, and good sheet material transmittance is higher.

The thickness of the differential

An important characteristic of yakeli plank is to use thickness measure, say commonly much thick is enough thickness, choose and buy must ask clear thickness, this is key factor.

Fire to identify

Good acrylic is not suitable for burning, and does not produce a bad smell during processing. Many materials in the market pretend to be fake, which can be tried with the waste they say.

Additional, good yakeli absorbs plastic character to make sheet material to bake soft to be stuck together also can separate, and the bake of poor material is soft to stick together hard to separate.

Soft edge identification

Both new and good materials are packaged with soft glue edge in order to avoid rubbing, so this can be used as a way to distinguish the recycled materials from new ones.

Mass comparison method

Good sheet metal manufacturer can offer model and actual product commonly, you can compare check according to colour and lustre and a few parameter, also compare easily identify.

Matters needing attention

Outdoor acrylic, try to choose thickness is higher, the solid acrylic products, and for simple yakeli stick a card, or acrylic is small adorn article, you can choose, the thickness of the low or medium thickness plate.