How should acrylic organic glass repair after ageing?

How to deal with this at home and abroad:

1. Separation and decomposition technology.For now, in this respect foreign technology is mature, can make use of plexiglass (acrylic products) to add the amount of resin, and its melting point, softening point, each are not identical, can use technology to extract the resin now, you can make it perfect, of course also won't harm the atmosphere environment, land resources.However, at present, the method of manual selection is generally adopted in China, which has the problems of low accuracy, high cost and low efficiency.After understanding this method, we should do the classification of organic glass (acrylic products) in advance, which can not only minimize the loss of depreciation rate, but also make full use of resources.

2. Incineration and landfill.This is probably the most commonly used method in China. As mentioned above, it is widely used in foreign countries, but it is not suitable for burning, burying, polluting the environment and wasting land resources at home.Increase the cost of late social governance.What should we think about this? We should sort it out. That's what we should do, and that's what we should do.

3. Arts and crafts.Said this might be a little confused, how can have handicraft processing mode, this is just in a few amateur, their use of waste organic glass (acrylic products) to produce all kinds of handicrafts, great artistic feeling, of course this is not the most important, they mean is reasonable use of aging, eventually abandoned plexiglass (acrylic products).